The secret to happiness? Constantly lie to yourself

“Optimists also tend to also be happier. One thing that really affects our happiness is not necessarily what we’re doing in the moment, but what we believe will happen in the future. So if I have plans this weekend for a great ski outing, that will affect my happiness today.” From: The Science Of Looking On The Bright Side | Wisconsin Public Radio

I have never been an advocate for rationality or logic. Because the dirty little secret about life is that, objectively, it’s a joyless slog through misery, disappointment and disease, until the final humiliation and pain of death brings an end to the suffering — maybe. I mean, nobody (so far as I know) asked to be born into this shithole universe, why should we expect a similarly unasked-for afterlife to be any better?

The solution is to lie to yourself; to imagine the future won’t be some sort of grueling fucking nightmare. You think I’m kidding? I am not. Viz: “People with mild depression have no bias[…].”

You see? Not lying to yourself means that you are depressed. You have to lie to yourself just to qualify as normal. Which is fucked up, but PROVES MY POINT.


Oh thank christ

‘Along with bathroom improvements, the lots at the West Wind Sacramento 6 Drive-In, where people park their cars in to watch movies, are getting a facelift — the dirt lots are getting swapped out for smooth asphalt.’ From: Sacramento drive-in ramps up look, feel with new asphalt lots, bathrooms | KCRA

Good. I approve of this sort of thing

“Almost 30 years after its release, a vital character within When Harry Met Sally is getting the attention it deserves: Harry Burns’ fashion. GQ recently took the time to rank every single one of his outfit in the quintessential rom-com, and if you’ve ever witnessed his chunky “I’m sick, but I need to look exceptional” turtleneck, then you can understand why this is long overdue.” From: All of Harry Burns’ sweaters and sports coats in When Harry Met Sally have finally been ranked | A.V. Club