How not to help

I have no right to tell other people what they should or shouldn’t say, but the waves of delusion amongst progressives at the moment is starting to make me ill, and I’ve got to say something about it. They keep saying, “now is the time to fight” (as if we haven’t been already). But it’s what they don’t say that’s important.

Fight what? The pod people who voted to erase the past eight years (but who will end up erasing the last 20)? The government that’s now owned lock, stock, and barrel by the pod people, the one that makes all the laws, runs all the courts, and gives orders to the enforcers?

Fight how? We tried democracy: Clinton literally got more votes than *****, but didn’t win the contest because, in America, democracy doesn’t work, and democracy doesn’t change anything. Think about how two of the most important advancements of the past eight years were achieved: Obamacare happened because giant insurance companies agreed to let it; gay marriage happened because five people gave it permission to go forward. Democracy in no way, shape, or form played any part in bringing these things to pass.

Another important question left unanswered by the “now we FIGHT!” people is this: At what cost? Resistance movements require a lot of resources. Time and money certainly, but above all that, resistance movements require martyrs. People keep bringing up the Civil Rights movement as an example of how people-power is sometimes able to overcome impossible odds. What they fail to mention is that participating in the Civil Rights movement got a lot of people killed, and a great many more people were physically savaged, financially ruined, exiled from their communities, and so on. Are you ready to get beaten up? Violently assaulted? Are you ready to die for this?

There’s lots of other questions, but I’m getting sick of writing at this point, so this’ll be the last one: How long must we fight? It took America over a hundred years to abolish slavery. It took another hundred to make a dent in segregation and Jim Crow. The truly stunning thing about *****’s “victory” — the reason that so many of us are as devastated as we are — is that this isn’t about the next four (but most likely eight) years. This is about the next 20, or 50, or 100. For pity’s sake, we’re still digging out from the mess that the founding fathers buried us under.

We’re looking at a century or more of deterioration, decline, and suffering. A hundred years of bad days. No joy, no happiness, no smiles. It will be impossible to take pleasure in anything. If you’re lucky enough to find a brief moment of respite that, in another life, would have brought you joy, you’ll find it tastes like ashes because you’ll never be able to forget, not for a minute, not for a second, the nightmare that has subsumed our lives.

Even if we “win” it won’t be us that benefit. Maybe your great-grandkids will rise from the ashes to a new and better world. But not us. We will live and die in pain and torment in the great conflagration that the pod-people created. If you are the last in line, if you have no descendants to worry about, then it doesn’t matter if you fight or not. Even if you live to a hundred, you’ll be long dead before the nightmare is over.

So, if fighting is hard and ultimately pointless, what should people do?

Well, they should fight if they can stand it. Someone has to. But I’m not going to ask you or anybody else to do that.

But if you can’t fight, then do whatever you have to in order to survive. Run. Hide. Lie, cheat and steal. Do whatever you can to protect yourself. We’re all on our own now, in a way we haven’t been for decades. The bad guys have guns and a thirst for “revenge.” Just keep yourself safe. And, deep in your most secret heart, cling to the one hope that we can rely on. Eventually, all of this will be over. Someday, the human race will be extinct, and thus, finally at peace.

How not to help

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