I believe that children are our future — of horrifying dystopian violence and suffering

Something else that keeps coming up, as progressives grasp desperately for any straw of hope they can get their hands on, is the idea that one day all of the old racists will be dead, and their replacements will be better. This is a dumb and wrong thing to believe.

Yes, on the face of it, it would appear that the bulk of *****’s support came from older white folks. Younger voters swung the other way. But there’s a few things to keep in mind.

First: Anecdotally at least, I can tell you that some of the most virulent racists I’ve ever met have been young people. When challenged, a lot of them play off their words as humor but, as a general rule, non-racists don’t find “fake” racism funny. (There are always exceptions of course, but they’re pretty rare.) Often, older racists educate their younger peers in the ways of racism, couched in terms of “common sense” or “this is just how the world works” or other assurances that the things they’re being taught are simply a clear-eyed view of reality, unfettered by “political correctness.” They’re also growing up in places where racism is a deeply rooted (and beloved) part of the culture. It’s in the air they breath, the water they drink, and the prayers they repeat. When these kids grow up and get their hands on the levers of control, don’t expect them to be any more enlightened than the people they’re replacing.

Second: The political preferences of actual voters tells us nothing about the political preferences of a demographic group as a whole.  Voters are a self-selecting group, and are profoundly unreliable as representatives of their peers.

Third: We’ve been hearing this guff about the dying-off of the non-progressive old guard since at least the 1960’s. Lots of old people have died since then, and things aren’t hardly any better. The people responsible for gutting the Voting Rights Act were at best middle-aged when it was passed, or children, or weren’t even born yet, for example.

Forth: As a general trend, people tend to do two things as they get older: A) They become more conservative in outlook, and B) They become more likely to actually vote. So, over time, the young progressives who were meant to take over the system will begin to vote more often, just as they become less and less progressive. Additionally, all of the young conservatives who didn’t bother voting will begin to reach an age when voting becomes more important to them while their progressive peers shake off their old ideology. The point is that as the old guard dies off, they will be replaced by the new old guard. Like sentient artificial intelligence, cold nuclear fusion, and flying cars, the demographic takeover of young progressives always seems to be immanent without ever actually arriving.

It’s actually much more complicated, in that there’s a whole bunch of institutional roadblocks that were created to prevent exactly this sort of thing from happening, but these points should be more than enough to make people at least question the entire idea that the young progressives of today will someday be in charge, thus creating a better world.

I believe that children are our future — of horrifying dystopian violence and suffering

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