Slate needs to just shut down for awhile

Slate: The five stages of grief aren’t real, but ***** anxiety is.

This article seems terrifically misguided. While I agree that the prevailing emotional state of many progressives resembles something akin to grief, the belief that it actually is grief or is just grief is probably wrong — even if it’s a good shorthand to describe their feelings, and one I’ve reluctantly used myself.

While everyone experiences grief differently, it is generally the result of a traumatic event, the death of a loved one, let’s say. Their sudden absence hurts you. Their continued absence keeps on hurting you. And you either go on with your life, or you don’t. If you’re lucky (or especially strong or pragmatic) you will eventually able to function almost as well as you did before.

But what happened on Tuesday was not a single traumatic event whose sting will dull over time. What happened was the first kick at the start of a brutal beating. What happened was the beginning of a nightmare from which we cannot wake up. You don’t roll up on someone in the midst of having the shit kicked out of them and start shouting, “HEY! GET TO THE GYM! EAT YOUR VEGETABLES! SELF-CARE! GET BACK TO WORK!” It’s not wrong to say those things, but generally you should wait until the victim is not actively being attacked.

From the article: “For most people, the strongest and most crippling symptoms of sadness will abate with time as the mind adjusts and, for better or worse, adapts to its new reality.”

Eh… no. I take issue with the phrase “abate with time.” I mean, there is time now, but after inauguration day, expect to have any potential recovery period fly out the window. As the ***** presidency rolls on, each day will bring with it new shocks and horrors, some global, some personal. You will constantly be surprised by unanticipated terrors, things that are so bad you couldn’t even have imagined them prior to their immediate implementation. You will not be permitted time in which to allow the symptoms of sadness to abate. It’ll be like trying to discuss your complex feelings of vulnerability in between the punches you’re getting in your face.

Anyway, that article is dumb.

But it pales in comparison to this garbage from William Saletan. His great idea for how Democrats can win future elections is that they should talk to the people who want to straight up kill them for talking in the first place. Will, you couldn’t be more wrong if you said the Earth was flat. Do I have a better idea? Of course not — and that’s the point. The brutal truth is that the days of Democrats winning elections are over. Well, unless they abandon their meager equality platform in an effort to appeal to the intolerant. Lord knows they’ve done that before.

Slate needs to just shut down for awhile