Don’t get your dog high

All right, a small break from politics. I overheard someone say that they are looking forward to getting their dog high on weed. Man, don’t do that.

Yes, it’s probably not good for the dog, that’s important to note. But also, you are dishonoring the spirit and purpose of drugs. Drugs are meant to abstract us from the misery that is human life. They are what we turn to when we need just a little bit of happiness, and nothing else will do. They are the last resort that makes life actually livable.

If you’re taking care of him, your dog is already happy enough. He does not need to be distracted from the fact that he lives in a fucking meat grinder, like we humans do. He can’t see the future and all its misery, like we can. Don’t waste your weed on him, yeah?

Oh, and one more thing about politics. If you think that any of those recreational marijuana statues are going to stand, you are probably wrong. The criminalization of pot, as with most other drug policies, was enacted to put as many minorities and poor people in jail as possible. That is something the law enforcement community is loath to reverse, and you can expect the ruling “law and order” party to go along with their wishes. So… maybe get your dog high while you still can I guess, if that’s your thing.

Don’t get your dog high