You already know how this is going to go

“The silver lining of this Democratic crap-storm isn’t that Clinton racked up a really big margin in California to put her over the top in a meaningless metric. The silver lining is that, as a leaderless party, it’s free now to debate what it wants to be in the post–financial crisis era just as Republicans did after 2008.” Slate: The Democrats are leaderless.

I expect there to be a major discussion, but I also expect that the ultimate direction of the Democratic party in the short term is already a foregone conclusion. They will attempt to peel away enough of the “reasonable” pod people from the Republican party to win future elections.

They will do this by putting race, immigration, and LGTBQ issues on the furthest back-burner they can find, by promising jobs and tax cuts, and expressing an almost pathetic willingness to gut (or to at least, to not reverse the gutting) of social programs for the poor. They will (again) become a de-facto conservative-lite party, selling themselves to people who are right-wing but, you know, not that far right. The ones who want to smoke weed, but who don’t want to pay taxes or watch queers get married.

And it’s not going to work.


You already know how this is going to go

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