No wonder

“If you’ve ever wondered who would watch Star Wars and say to themselves, ‘hey, that Darth Vader guy is all right,’ that question now has an answer.” From The A.V. Club: Sith Lord Steve Bannon: “Dick Cheney. Darth Vader. Satan. That’s power.”

Um, I’ve never wondered that. Because I know the answer: fucking lots of people. LOTS of people loved Darth Vader even before his famous heel/face turn in Jedi. (Um, spoilers?)

I don’t know if you’ve noticed this about people, but most of them seem to really, really want to be able to indulge in whatever foul shit they’re into without consequences. Tons of people would love to be Darth Vader, or Dracula, or the Joker. Too many, probably. It’s the inverse of the reaction some people have to Superman. “He’s all-powerful, indestructible, and can do anything he wants without being stopped, and he decides to be a boy scout? Pfft, fucking pussy, who does he think he is, I’d be fucking shit up, man.”

As someone once said: We’d like to be good, but we’d rather be bad.

No wonder

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