Evil machines

Computers and the Beast, Webber and Hutchings, 1986: I had no idea that I should be worried about the massive communication and knowledge produced by modern technology. Biblical prophesy is here to warn us that the computer, and all the knowledge it can bring, is a potential minefield of evil.” From: Satanic Computers | Awful Library Books

Oh sure, it’s fun to look back and laugh at stuff like this now, but there should be no question in anyone’s mind at this point that computers are truly, truly evil. Okay, maybe the evil is of a more secular nature than the book’s authors are willing to admit, but it is evil nonetheless. Hell, as far back as the 70’s people were complaining about the rise of info-packed government and corporate databases, and jokes about the ridiculous results of computer errors. But now, computers know everything about everybody, which is bad enough, but they’re also poorly secured, which means that now, Russian hackers know everything about everybody. And that’s not funny.

Evil machines

2 thoughts on “Evil machines

    1. bc says:

      I completely understand. The important thing, above all else, is for you to keep yourself safe. I (and lots of other people) would miss you if you go, but it’s getting even more scary out there than ever before, and no one has the right to ask you to put yourself in harm’s way.

      (BTW, if you [or anyone] ever need to reach me, the old oddlotsblog at gmail.com thing still works.)


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