“Tyler McIntyre, an eighth grade student at Folsom’s Sutter Middle School, says that on November 2, his American History class was collectively grading a test they’d taken on the U.S. Constitution. One of the questions was to define equality. The teacher, Woody Hart, he says, states that “equality means treating everyone equally,” and goes on to give the example, ‘like when you hang one Black person, you have to hang them all, that’s equality.'” From: Family Outraged At Teacher’s Lynching Comment | Via Fark

Have I ever mentioned that I’m originally from Folsom? Yeah, there’s a reason I don’t live there any more. Back when I lived there it was a cowboy-obsessed, shitheel shitshow. Prior to that, a pack of racists burned down its Chinatown in 1886. When they talk about California as a sea of red with the occasional island of blue, Folsom is part of the sea. And I hate the idea that our country is going to be run people similar to the ones that run that shitty town and, apparently, teach in its schools.


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