Love is a lie, but dick pics are real

“According to Deadline, Sony Pictures has just bought the rights to a screenplay that is either going to get a new title in a heartbeat or it’s going to be stuck with its current title forever because it perfectly encapsulates the script’s entire plot. That title, as indicated by the headline of this story, is Love In The Time Of Dick Pics—a perfect Be Sharps-esque joke that seems funny at first but gets less funny every time you hear it.” From: Sony developing a film called Love In The Time Of Dick Pics | The A.V. Club

Honestly, the world has reached a low enough point that they might as well just leave the title alone. There is no such thing as offensiveness any more, just like there’s no such thing as unethical behavior, criminal activity, and social boorishness.

Excuse me, I’m sorry — apparently those things still exist, but only when they’re done by our ideological enemies (our friends can do whatever). So, as long as Sony isn’t perceived as some sort of player in the culture war, then… um, on second thought maybe changing that title isn’t a bad idea.


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