“Evernote has published an update to its Privacy Policy, revealing that as of 23 January 2017, employees will be able to access unencrypted notes. The change is being wheeled in because of the apparent failings of machine learning. Perhaps more worrying is the fact that Evernote says that it is not possible to opt out of having employees possibly accessing your unencrypted notes. The only way to fully protect your privacy is to delete all your notes and close your Evernote account.” From: Starting Next Year, Evernote Employees Could Access Your Unencrypted Notes – Slashdot

Something to keep in mind, if you are an Evernote user. Actually, you should probably keep this in mind if you use any online note taking software. At the very least, it’s a data security thread to pull on.

UPDATE: “Evernote reverses course on opt-out privacy policy that would’ve exposed users’ content to employees


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