“Worried that protesting some government action will put you at risk? You don’t fail anyone by stepping back. If you’re not feeling safe using the bathroom matching your gender, using the other bathroom doesn’t make you any less deservingly trans. Don’t feel safe holding hands with your same-sex partner? It doesn’t mean you don’t love them. It’s vitally important to remember that your identity is not defined by your ability to express it. It may be tough at times, but it’s okay to fly under the radar if that’s what it takes to survive. Don’t ever feel ashamed of protecting yourself.” From: LGBT Survival Under [*****] – Defiant – Medium

There’s a lot of useful, practical information in the article, but I feel the quoted paragraph deserves special commendation. While there’s been a lot of people saying that now is the time to fight, I think it’s important to remember that personal day-to-day safety is really fucking important right now for a lot of people. There is such a thing as living to fight another day.


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