Ulterior motives

Slashdot: Dutch Developer Added Backdoor To Websites He Built, Phished Over 20,000 Users

Okay look: What this guy did is messed up, and serves as a reminder that it’s not only outside attackers who want your private info, you also need to worry about the people behind the sites we all trust. But that’s not why I’m linking to this story.

It turns out one of the bad guy’s houses (yes, he apparently owns several) is in a town called Sneek.


That’s is such a fucking cute name for a town that I had to look it up. While most of what I found out about it is markedly unremarkable, I would encourage you to take a look at the town’s coat of arms:

Coat of arms of Sneek
By Unknown, SVG by User:ArchHoge Raad van Adel SVG is own work., Public Domain, Link


Ulterior motives

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