That ship has sailed out the barn doors that it is now too late to close

I caught a little bit of a discussion on NPR this morning about the fact that some mainstream news outlets are starting to use the word “lie” in reference to things the president says. There are complex journalism/ethics questions about that it seems. But apparently there are no economic ones.

Because you’d think finances would figure into the NYT and CNN’s calculations regarding whether or not to allow the word to be used under their respective banners. Maybe they’ve finally realized something that we all knew for years: there is no risk of alienating paranoid conspiracy conservatives, because they could not possibly be alienated any further.

That is to say, the kind of people who clamor to lock up some lady when there isn’t any credible evidence that she committed a crime, but who are perfectly willing to be outraged when their big daddy is called out for purposefully making statements that completely contradict well known and obvious facts, are not the kind of people who watch CNN on a regular basis. So call him a liar. What have you got to lose, monetarily speaking?

Aside from the human costs, I mean. After all, some of those paranoids are armed and prone to rash decisions.


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