Close to home

“Nearly six months after the University of California completed an investigation that led to the resignation of UC Davis Chancellor Linda P.B. Katehi, UC officials still cannot say what the probe cost taxpayers.” From: UC still hasn’t released cost of probe into UC Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi | The Sacramento Bee


There’s going to be national-level outrages every day from here on out. Tiny is going to be throwing his weight around, and all of his cronies will be throwing it around as well. There will be a torrent, a deluge of courageousness emanating from the highest levels of our government.

You’re going to be very angry.

And then… you’re going to be very tired. So very, very tired.

But before that happens, please try to remember that there will continue to be outrageous things happening at a more local level that you’ll still need to get mad about.

We’re going to fucking drown.

Close to home

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