Too late!

Slate: The more ****** ***** hates, the more America rejects his hatred

Uh, not that it matters what the American people think. We get no say. We can (and should) protest, and we can make our voices heard, but the guy in the catbird seat isn’t likely to bend to popular opinion, because no matter what happens, he’ll never believe that it’s against him. We’re talking about a man who responds to hard data by conjuring three to five million illegal voters out of thin air.

If the few remaining Democrats in office are so inclined, at best they can only add a bit of friction to a process that inexorably leads to the entrenchment of the man’s bad policies.

And Republicans? I don’t think there’s enough principled ones in office to ameliorate the shit this guy’s going to pull. The rest of them are perfectly willing to horse-trade. They’ll cut deals to get his agenda done, in exchange for getting their own agendas done. And both of those agendas will be lousy for country.


Too late!

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