They’ll still mess up your face

“The raccoonlike creatures, who lounge on tree branches like stuffed animals made real, have escaped exhibits in the United Kingdom, California and Washington, D.C. They’re often retrieved in days, if not hours. Sunny has so far evaded infrared cameras, search dogs and drones, not to mention zoo staff and volunteers. Frequent visitors said large branches from a tree in the enclosure had sloped above a pedestrian walkway. A red panda named Rusty likely climbed to freedom on rain-soaked branches at the Smithsonian’s National Zoo in 2013, according to a news release. Greg Bockheim, the Virginia Zoo’s executive director, told the Virginian-Pilot on Tuesday that reports of sightings continued.” Source: Virginia search continues for red panda, absconder of zoos – SFGate

Speaking of escaping animals…

Red pandas are super-duper cute. But they can still fuck you up if you get on their bad side.

They’ll still mess up your face

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