State of the author

If you’ve been following the news lately… well, I’m sorry but I’m here for you. I am a man of rather limited usefulness, but I can at least talk? Kinda? And I can sort of write a little bit?

Here’s what’s been going on in my neck of the woods for the past three weeks or so. Mom went to the hospital for a drug-resistant infection. Sis has spent the past three weeks with a severe cold, and has spent the last three days vomiting. Nephew went to the hospital who told his parents that he had leukemia — but then said no, he’s got something else that’s still very serious, and it’s touch and go right now. (And I’ve been sick but that doesn’t seem important in the grand scheme of things.)

And this was all in the midst of the storm of the century.

Sooo… it’s been a rough few weeks for my family, but we muddle on. Myself, I’ve been trying to blog a bit when I can, but it’s been sort of busy around here.


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