End of line? Please?

A.V. Club: The third Tron movie will leave the computers behind

I loved the first Tron movie. How could I not? I was a six year old who loved computers and video games when I saw it.

I did not love the sequel as much. It was kind of a mess. The story was boring. It veered off into a weird spirituality-based digression. Olivia Wilde’s character was a child-like, innocent bad ass, which is a trope I kind of hate. And Flynn’s son (I don’t remember who played him) was not a compelling character to look at or listen to. And, I will admit this is a minor complaint, but the first Tron looked like no other movie that had ever existed, while the sequel looked like every other CGI-based film that Hollywood churns out.

Eh, maybe the third one will be better. Sort of doubt it.

End of line? Please?

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