Fashion mystery

So, there was that leggings thing that happened a few days ago, right? I don’t know much about fashion or clothing, so I didn’t comment at the time because I didn’t really have a stand to take. But something about it has been nagging at me; remember how a few years back a lot of bloggers were very passionate about leggings? “Leggings are not pants” was the refrain, I believe. But now people are mad that people are being hassled for wearing them as pants?

I don’t have a dog in this fight. What I’m interested in is the fact that I apparently lived through a major cultural shift without even noticing it. One day, you couldn’t go outside in exposed leggings, but then suddenly people are going to the wall to defend your right to do just that. How? And why?

Surely there are conversion stories. Something along the lines of, “I used to think leggings were not pants, but now I think they are, because {something}.” I’d love to know what changed people’s minds. I think it could help unlock other mysteries of the human condition.

Perhaps it’s a growing sense of liberation as regards clothing. Or maybe, like my great aunt who stopped celebrating Christmas, the reason for this new, widespread legging-acceptability is, “Eh, I just don’t care anymore.”

Fashion mystery

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