The inexplicable

I’ve been reading the news lately, about how ***** supposedly toyed with the idea of firing Robert Mueller, only to be dissuaded by his advisors, — and forgive me for printing a completely obvious statement here — but none of this shit makes sense.

Firing the special prosecutor may or may not be a dumb idea; what bothers me is how pointless and unnecessary it would be. Why impede the investigation in any way? What’s the worst that could happen — it finds ironclad, slam-dunk evidence that the president and others in his administration broke the law? So what?

Listen: ***** could push a wheelbarrow full of cocaine and Russian prostitutes down the middle of Pennsylvania Avenue at high noon, and there still wouldn’t be a single Republican House member who would dare vote for impeachment. As long as they’re in the majority, this guy is impeachment-proof. So why fight the investigation, if it’s ultimately toothless?

Fighting it would make sense if there was a chance the GOP might lose their majorities in the 2018 election — but they won’t. Between the gerrymandering and the voter suppression, how could they lose?

(And consider this: there’s a very good chance that, should the special prosecutor present a damning report of this administration’s crimes and misdemeanors, every Republican up for reelection in a red state will make the fact that they are the only thing standing in the way of impeachment a huge part of their campaign pitch. How do you suppose *****’s angry, angry supporters will react to that? Well for one thing, they’ll be sure to get out and vote. But also, they very likely try to make sure that you can’t. By any means necessary.)

So that’s where I’m confused. Why float the idea of impeding a pointless, fruitless, meaningless investigation, when it can’t possibly result in impeachment? The president has at last achieved the American dream: Total immunity from prosecution for any crime.

Could it be pride? Simple, stupid, pride? Never mind the lack of consequences — he just hates his power being questioned in any way, maybe. “Why is this fly bothering me, I’m the fucking king! GRRRAAAARRRR I’m so angwy!”

Not that it matters. Fire the guy. Or don’t. Either way, we’re still stuck with president ***** for the next 8+ years. Oh well, at least the talking heads will have an endless parade of tantrums to analyze… uh, until that becomes illegal, I guess.

The inexplicable

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