Fire your son, son

Here is one slight reason for optimism. Until now, the case that high-level members of the ***** campaign colluded with Russia to secure the presidency suffered from a plausibility problem. […] Now, however, we have some clarity. The people closest to ***** intended to collude with Russia and had the blithe sense of corrupt impunity to spell out that intention in an email chain. They unapologetically sided with a hostile foreign power against their fellow citizens. The biggest question now is whether Republicans in Congress will do the same.” [Emphasis ours] From Slate: *** ***** Jr.’s emails are the smoking gun.

Unfortunately, the latter bolded sentence crushes the supposed slight optimism of the former, because the latter statement is a lie. Of course Congressional Republicans will side with a hostile foreign power against their fellow citizens — that’s not a question. Standing against Russia would mean standing with Democrats, and if you think that’s even a remote possibility then you have no idea just how much Republicans hate Democrats.

If takes the demise of the republic to prevent the Dems from chalking up a win, then that’s exactly how far the GOP is willing to go. It’s far to late for them to change course now, they’re in this until the bitter end.

But of course, they’ll be fine. They’re all rich. They’ll be living it up in brand new Crimean mansions while the rest of us are stuck here starving to death.

Fire your son, son

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