True intentions

One more quick note about the ban. It is monstrous, of course. Truly sadistic and evil.

That said, I don’t believe that ***** feels one way or the other about transgender people. This latest action is just his response to his administration’s general failure to keep its promises. When you have no accomplishments to show, you toss some red meat at your base to keep them happy.

What does *****’s base want? They want to hurt their enemies. Their enemies are liberals. They are thirsty for their tears. Attacking marginalized groups, like transgender people, Muslims, and people of color, outrages liberals, which conservatives interpret  as “making liberals cry”. They love it. They want to see more of it. The more outrage and shock they can evoke from liberals the better.

So, expect to see more of this sort of thing, especially if the Republicans’ policy agenda falters briefly, here and there. The GOP will find new ways to hurt marginalized groups, for no other reason that to provoke howls of indignation from liberals, which the GOP base will lap up with great, sloppy relish.

And what can liberals do about it? Stay silent while the oppressed are put through the wringer? If so, then they’ll lose their base (which is small potatoes compared to moral crime it would represent to abandon people to the abuse and torture authored by the Party of Sadists, but sad to say, it’s still part of the mainstream left’s political calculus). It’s the perfect trap.

So here we are. Trapped.

True intentions