You don’t want to pay them off too early

So, the House of Representatives passed a bill full of new sanctions against Russian, on Wednesday, with a number of Republicans voting in its favor. Weird, right? Does this signal a wave of GOPers returning to their senses? Could this be a positive political development, something that’s pretty rare these days? Maybe! I mean, I don’t know, I’m just some chump on the internet.

Hey, let’s play a little game. Let’s suppose for a moment, totally hypothetically of course, that the Russian government engaged in a hacking campaign whose goal was to make sure that Hillary Clinton lost the presidential election. Assuming that is the case (again, just blue-skying here), we might ask ourselves why they would feel the need to do that. Well, it’s possible the just hate Clinton’s guts. and they were afraid she might have continued the Obama administration’s antagonistic response to Russia’s annexation of Crimea. Ugh, all those sanctions, right?

So, if Russia colluded with the ***** campaign to help it win the election, then it’s not crazy to think that the Russians made that deal in order to install a president who could do something about those cruddy sanctions the Russians don’t like.

What does that teach us? That the Russians hate sanctions so much that they might help you win an election, if you promise to get rid of those sanctions for them. Sanctions against Russia are a good bargaining chip!

What does that teach Congressional Republicans?

Say, for example, that the leader of your party got the Russians to help him win an election by promising to get rid of sanctions. That’s great! But hang on, you’ve got an election coming up, and you’d sure like some of that Russian help too, wouldn’t you? Of course you would! But hang on again — what if the leader of your party goes and ends those sanctions way before you’re sure your going to win your upcoming election? That’d be bad, because then how are you going to get the Russians to hack your opponents for you, once you’ve lost the sanctions bargaining chip? Ut-oh, better pass a bill limiting the president’s ability to give the Russians what they want before you get what you want out of them, eh?

Well that was fun, but I guess we still don’t know why House Republicans seemed so willing to pass this new sanctions bill, do we?

You don’t want to pay them off too early

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