But don’t you dare use an adblocker, part 3

Boing Boing: Cryptocurrency-mining malware spotted on more than 4200 sites including UK, US, and Australian government sites

But don’t you dare use an adblocker, part 3

I can’t choose

Slate: The Winter Olympics Are the Best Olympics

I can’t really speak to this. While I think that the Olympics in general are an admirable attempt to bring the world together in the spirit of healthy competition, I also think that in practice it is a hive of you-scratch-my-back and I’ll-demolish-the-part-of-town-where-the-poor-live graft and corruption.

But it’s just really hard to watch the Olympics in both their summer and winter versions. I just feel completely lost. I don’t know what’s being shown when, I don’t know much about the sports in question to fully appreciate the amazing feats of the athletes involved, and I get lousy TV reception in any case.

I do like curling though. It’s relaxing.

I can’t choose

G*d d*mn

“Emma Byrne, a science writer and artificial intelligence researcher, has just published a new book called Swearing is Good for You: The Amazing Science of Bad Language and it sounds fucking great. “If you ask people what they think about swearing, they tend to insist that it diminishes the speaker’s credibility and persuasiveness—-especially if the speaker is a woman,” Byrne writes. But actually, a presenter’s swears can sometimes make them damn more convincing.” Source: Why swearing can be a good fucking way to sound convincing

Hehe, — that’s great. A book that contradicts all of the experiences I’ve been through. Maybe it’s good? But I have doubts about how useful I’d find it? All right, here’s the thing:

Once, in middle school, I spoke back to a teacher. I’m not proud of it, but anyway, she sent me to the office with a note to the principal explaining why I needed to be suspended, and in it she stated that I swore at her. But I didn’t. When the principal asked her about this, she insisted that I cussed at her when I really did not. That wasn’t the last time that happened to me. Over the years, people accused me of cursing them out when I did no such thing.

You may find this hard to believe, but I don’t swear in public. I only swear around close friends, in private, and when I post here. I won’t go into why that is here, but despite my verbal vigilance, I am occasionally accused of using foul language, or recalled by some as having a dirty mouth.

I am not sure why this is, but I suspect it’s because I have “villain face.” If you were going to put me in a movie, you’d cast me as a bad guy. I perpetually look as if I’m up to no good, even if I’m just trying to buy some riced cauliflower (which, I admit is kind of evil). I also have an annoying voice, I speak with unnatural pauses, to the point that people constantly interrupt me because they don’t have the patience required to wait until I actually finish a sentence.

In other words, I look and sound like a guy who would be swearing up a storm every time he opens his mouth. Like a low-class, profane, pile of garbage who should never be trusted. Which is… fine, I guess, but the fact that people so easily and mistakenly remember me saying stuff I didn’t say has been a bit troublesome. Mostly when I’m dealing with Comcast customer service. “She says you swore at her, sir.” Hey there Manager, you record these calls, play back the tape and see if it’s true. And my bill is still messed up, so there!

I’m assuming that the book Boing Boing is talking about mostly applies to normal looking people who generally receive the benefit of the doubt from others. I, meanwhile, am not one of those people. I suspect that if someone like me, someone who inspires immediate disgust in everyone they interact with, were to start throwing swears around, their life would not be much improved by it.


G*d d*mn